063: Three Pillars to Thrive

podcast Jan 04, 2021


A false choice can be defined as something that you have to pick between...something that looks like an either/or situation when, in reality, it’s a both/and opportunity instead.   


Growing a business has a multitude of moments like that. You find yourself facing a choice and only see 2 options but, often, it isn’t just 2 options...there’s more choices than what you first see. 


There are 3 pillars of growing a mission-based business. Many business owners mistake those pillars as either/or choices instead of seeing them as both/and opportunities. 


Join me in this episode, where you’ll get:

  • The most dangerous time in the growth stages of a business
  • Why throwing money at the problem doesn’t solve it
  • The needed mindset shift to achieve team building success 
  • A simple question that horrified my successful business mentors
  • My personal story where a single comment changed everything for my family


And, you’ll hear how cultivating a healthy respect (and dare I say, love) for all 3 pillars is the key to being ready...


Retreat Info:

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Our intimate, immersive and interactive experience helps you:

1) Sharpen your focus by doing more of the work you love

2) Simplify your business by eliminating/automating/delegating other tasks.

3) Surround yourself with others doing the work that they love


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