073: Moving from Captive to Captain of your Business

podcast Mar 15, 2021


Business owners don’t start a business because they love running a business; they start a business because they love providing a specific product or service and want the freedom that comes with being their own boss.  

All too quickly, the demands of running a business overwhelm the joy of providing the product or service. This is where many business owners burn out and hit the wall. You can’t make more money or have more time because you’re doing everything yourself, or your customers aren’t being taken care of because your team is non-existent. Or you put off building a team and now you’re scrambling to cobble one together but you don’t have a solid plan because you never really believed your team wouldn’t just be a headache in your business.  

Those are the same scenarios I hear over and over again from business owners.

In this episode, you’ll get:

  • The 3 steps you need to take to move from captive to captain of your business
  • Who you might think you’re competing with and who you actually are
  • How you can get time to relax, renew, and refocus on building a business AND a team you will absolutely love 
  • The opportunity for a small group intensive experience to transform your business
  • How having the right roadmap can turn confusion into confidence

And you’ll hear the For Love of Team retreat options and why making the investment today will serve you for years to come.


When you’re ready to Multiply your Impact, your Income, your Margin and your Freedom in business, join hand-selected business owners just like you in an upcoming...

For Love of Team™ Intensive:

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Our intimate, immersive and interactive 2.5 day experience:

1) Sharpens your focus by doing more of the work you love

2) Simplifies your business processes. 

3) Surrounding yourself with others doing the work that they love

For Love of Team™ Intensive is an invitation-only event.  To connect with Winston to see if this is a fit, book a 35 minute exploratory session using this link.   


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