BA 003: Fired at Forty (Boardroom)

podcast Nov 20, 2019

THIS was the moment I became a Future 7 Figure CEO.  I vividly remember that Wednesday morning, March 15th.  I had just celebrated my 40th birthday just four days earlier.  I am scheduled to meet this particular morning at 7:30 am with my board chair of the local non-profit.  I’ve been serving as their CEO for the past seven years--a high profile role in a wonderful college community.  The meeting with my board chair started punctually at the bottom of the hour.  But something was off, there was little eye contact and absolutely no small talk. And then I heard the words no one ever wants to hear… "Effective today, you are no longer employed by our organization"... 

Inspirational takeaway: So perhaps you, or someone you know is discouraged by a career or business door which seems to be slammed shut.  My encouragement today is for you to follow your curiosity. God planted that inside of you to explore and pursue.  Who knows, perhaps in a few weeks or months, it could lead to an entirely new path in your career.

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