Multipliers (beta)

Start, grow and scale your business to six and then seven-figures

If you dream of building a 6 or 7-figure business, Multipliers is for you.

Are you ready to make the leap from employee to multi-million dollar entrepreneur? You don't have to build your business alone.  Your dream of building a world of freedom, abundance and creativity that comes from planting a seed of an idea that grows into a seven-figure business IS POSSIBLE when you surround yourself with like-minded people who are on the same path. 

Multipliers is a four month Group Mentorship program specifically geared to help the faith-based  executive with an entrepreneurial vision start, grow and scale his or her business to six and eventually seven-figures.

There are seven key lessons that myself, my clients have used to create mega-successful businesses doing work that brings joy and fulfillment. Inside Multipliers, we’re covering and implementing each of these necessary lessons. When you join us, you’ll get support around:

  • Creating an obvious business opportunity based on known solutions
  • Obtaining paying clients before launching your product or service
  • Helping the visionary CEO avoid becoming the bottleneck of growth
  • Building a capable and trustworthy team, including your key first hire
  • And many more insights from leading my own multi-seven figure company

Each month will cover one of the following four themes

  • Discover:  the #Future7FigureCEO mindset and understand your ideal client
  • Define:  one big problem you can solve based upon your prior experiences
  • Develop:  fund your solution with a group of prepaid solution early adopters
  • Deploy: ensure future scalability as your build your team and grow your business
So whether you are building your service or building your future team, Multipliers is for you. Your four month membership in Multipliers includes
  • Two group coaching sessions per month
  • One VIP private coaching session per month
  • Unlimited weekday Voxer**  access to Winston Faircloth
  • Private online community to work with your teammates between sessions
  • Lifetime access to our learning portal with all of our recorded content 
  • PLUS surprise bonuses

  ** Voxer is a real-time communication app where we can easily message and send voice notes back and forth.

And as faith-centered leaders, we will begin each 1:1 call in prayer inviting God into each and every session as our ultimate Mentor and Coach. Finally, Beta members get the lowest prices we will ever offer and the greatest creative influence over the design of the program.   

Your Investment for four months of immersive group and individual mentorship from a proven CEO of multiple multi-million dollar organizations will change your business forever. 

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