IF YOU'RE LIKE MANY PEOPLE I KNOW, YOU'RE SEEKING A WAY to End The Needless Cycle of Worry When Developing a New Course.


Using the Exact Blueprint I Created and Used to Generate My First 5 Figure Launch


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Perhaps you have a new program idea.  At first, it's pretty exciting, right? All the ideas that flood in mixed with all the possibilities. It’s when you, perhaps, feel alive, in purpose and ready to make the impact in the world you know you are here to have.  

Yet, there is often a rollercoaster of emotions that quickly follow.... 

Those emotions often look like the doubt of “can I even do this?”, like the fear of “what if no one even wants this?” and like the worry of all the expense going out the door mixed with the question “will this even work?” 

The longer we take to get our program out there...the harder succeeding becomes.   

Maybe you’ve heard these words in your own head and wondered, why can’t I just get this right? 

Keep reading if you can relate, because what I have here is something that shifted everything for me… 

And for my clients, who often asked questions like… 

  • “Why would anyone buy a course from me? 
  • “I’ve spent months building the perfect program, doing anything and everything but launching it and I just don’t know why I keep waiting..?
  • “What if all I hear is crickets? 
  • “My online ad spend exceeds what I actually made! Now what?  
  • “What the heck is an ad spend?!

I remember these thoughts, questions and feelings being my norm until I discovered another way.

I remember the pain of being a first-time course creator and the weight of that discouragement that slowly, or at times quickly, ate away at the joy I’d felt with my original idea.


Let’s chat for a moment about two silent killers of your online program's growth and success... 

A Lack of ALIGNMENT & Resting in a Murky IDENTITY.

I want you to imagine something for a moment. 

Remember the sound of an old fashioned cash register? 


Got it? 

Hold that sound in your mind for a second...

If you’re not quite there yet, I want you to think about to AOLs most famous line when the internet first became a thing and email was a fresh idea - You’ve Got Mail! 

Are you with me? 

One or both of those sounds should jog a memory for you and put a smile on your face, do they not? 

Now, I want you to Imagine a new sound. A sound much like a calendar reminder notification on your smartphone or an alarm you have set reminding you to put in your daily-dose of steps or suck down more water… 

You get to program this sound to a “Cha-ching!” or to a “You’ve Got Money, Honey!” message. 

It’s the sound your phone now makes each time a sale comes through. 


Did you catch it?

Ding. Ding. Ding. 

Can’t miss it, now can you? 

Imagine if this sound - ding, ding, ding - became so - ding - automatic, you had to - ding - turn it off - ding, ding, ding! 

Good problem to have, is it not? 

It’s possible, you know? To have dings of “You’ve Got Money, Honey!” pinging you and with Paid To Launch™, this can happen before you even create the first module.

Feel that? 

That’s excitement, friend. 

That’s energy returning…along with your creativity, passion and drive to make this happen.

You can. I’ve done it. And my students have done it.  

There is nothing like the feeling when you get that very first notification...

"Congratulations, you have a new student in your course!"

And then it happens again and again... with names you recognize and some you don't. 

And don’t forget those dings that alert you of a sale, of money coming IN and no longer just going OUT.

I’m Here to Enable You to Take the Guesswork Out of Building, Monetizing, and Scaling Your Next Program

When you work with invested, pre-paid clients who help to co-create your course with you through their powerful feedback, you KNOW that you're on a winning path.

You know that your dream of being of service, of making an impact AND earning a living is more than possible! 

You begin to tune out the doubts as your confidence soars.  

You SHOW UP with a heart of service, instead of desperation. 

And when you do, when you become ALIGNED the floodgates open and the heavens rain down good fortune. 

When you step into your TRUE IDENTITY… well, life and your business work. 

Sales and service go hand in hand.  I learned this lesson once when my back was against the wall and now I share it with you, the seeker... before you reach a desperate place.

WHAT IF Your Clients Actually PAID You to Build Their Dream Solution?

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At age 40, I was facing a huge transition. My #BeginAgain moment.  My 18-year career suddenly ended and I wanted to pivot to building a new tech company.  

I saw a need no one else was solving in my sector.

The problem: I did not have hundreds of thousands in cash nor did I want to take on angel investors. 

But I had another idea. I wasn’t sure if it could even work. 

I began by casting a BIG vision of exactly what I wanted to do and started to engage with people in my inner circle.  

And it worked! Interest grew in my idea and I invited them to join me on the path to creating exactly what I was talking with them about creating… an opportunity for them to invest in the solution before anyone else. A pre-purchase investment, if you will.   

Within a short period of time, I had investors entrust us with $250K which we then were able to use to build out the solution and quickly multiply that seed-money into over $1.2 million a year in revenue within 18 short months.  

And this crazy idea propelled the construction of the sector's first shared technology organization, leapfrogging into multi-millions per year in short order. 

At our peak, we had team members in 10 states, served 20% of our market and reached nearly $4.5 million in revenue per year.  


- Not Once But Dozens of Times (For Myself and My Clients)


Introducing PAID TO LAUNCH™.

The proven strategy and easy-to-follow blueprint,

I used to start my first multi-million dollar business

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In the past, my coaching clients have used this method I developed to bring tech services to fruition, to stop the cycle of doubt, fear and debt so they could succeed in big ways. 

This proven playbook is now ready to propel you, the online program creators, to massive success. 

Imagine if you could wake up each day, excited to produce

  • Results for your clients that were tailored to their exact needs
  • Testimonials that provide social proof which attracts their next clients 
  • Cash in hand to improve your current program and reach more prospects with your next launch and the one after
  • Confidence to raise your prices and attract the exact heart-centered clients you love to work with!

Imagine if you started to wake up to notifications of “You Have a New Student!” and multiple dings indicating new payments that hit your account while you slept. 

This is not only possible but highly probable when you follow the PAID TO LAUNCH™ Method. 

See every new launch of your program carries risk alongside the possibility of great rewards.  

And typically MONEY is the first thing we worry about...

Losing it.
Making enough of it.
Spending too much of it.
Leaving money on the table…

Imagine the freedom of leaving that identity in the past and stepping into a new way of being. A way so powerful that you KNOW you will make sales each day simply because that’s who you are and what you do. 

Imagine saying good-bye to the doubts and fears and hello to possibility. 

Come on inside for PAID To LAUNCH™ and this can be your new ALIGNED way of being. 

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Today You Can Remove Your Risk! 

Enroll paying clients before you build your next online program.

All without a mailing list or a big investment in online ads.

By following my simple Paid To Launch™ Path


When this worked earlier in my career, I decided to try it again in the online world.  

Last summer, I made the leap and left behind my corporate role and became a full-time mentor to people like me: The “Future 7 Figure CEO"  

Yes, you heard that right. I am a FUTURE 7-Figure CEO. 

What about you? Don’t YOU want to embody that title, friend? Because when you do that’s the very first step to BEING the 7 Figure CEO!

Following the PAID to LAUNCH™ framework, the results we gained as a first-time course creator felt great but even better, it has allowed me to do the same for my clients...  

Just as I was able to...

  • Secure my first FIVE FIGURE launch in a few short weeks
  • Built my platform, co-creating over 30 hours of digital content 
  • Receive ongoing feedback from paying clients, already invested in their success 
  • Craft a community of like-minded creators providing peer support to one another 

...so have my clients!

And all of these results happened with NO EMAIL LIST and NO ONLINE PROGRAM EXPERIENCE.  

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And for me, this was finally the validation I needed to leave my corporate role 

I don’t know about you and if you have the same dream, but the day I was able to afford to walk away, in fact made MORE to leave, was the day I felt most alive. 

And from there... well, now I know all is possible within this framework. 

See PAID TO LAUNCH™ sets you up for accelerated success...

  • Remove potential financial risk by launching with pre-invested, pre-paid clients
  • Get in alignment with your heart-centered, ideal clients
  • Create powerful business relationships with peer creators
  • Validate your program concept with invested, paying clients 
  • Create momentum and funding for your next launch
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"This program was super timely for me. I needed guidance, information and inspiration for revising my program framework, gaining greater alignment for my next offering. Winston's community was the perfect fit. You CAN go further faster with others who are like-minded. Why risk going alone? "

Mark Ross
Encorepreneur & Artist, Next Thing Group

"Making time to work ON your business is hard because so much time is needed to work IN your business. Winston helped me shape a product offering that will allow me to help TEN times as many people—and that's a very conservative estimate. I loved it so much, I'm going for round two. Join us! "

Jennifer Harshman
word nerd, writing and publishing expert; Harshman Services

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30 Day, Money Back Guarantee

If in the first 30 days this program is NOT for you, we offer a good faith, "Show your Work" satisfaction guarantee.  Complete the program's homework assignments plus the group coaching sessions and you may apply for a refund of payments received. Some restrictions may apply. 

Before you go...

I get it. Making a decision to invest your time and money in a program to help you launch your online course can be challenging.  And scary.

But I ask you to consider right now, what’s more terrifying - investing in your future and me, with a proven method or staying right where you are currently, trapped in the fear, the doubt and perhaps the all-consuming disappointment that comes when it just doesn't’ seem to work… 

But when I look back to THE moment when my first multi-million dollar organization took off, it came down to THESE steps of engaging prospective clients and enabling them to invest in us and our idea, BEFORE we built our solution. 

When we both invested: my EXPERTISE with their MONEY -- it was magical.  

We were now on the same TEAM, working together to reach a SOLUTION none of us could have achieved alone.  

Read that line again, friend, as it’s huge and should make your heart-sing with all that is possible. 

It's the same when investing in personal development. 

I notice that my breakthroughs are often proportionate to my level of investment.  

When I pay, I pay attention.  

For many program creators, they don't see the results they dream of due to one big stumbling block: ALIGNMENT.  

When you know that you are aligned and are just a few steps ahead of your ideal client, you now share an IDENTITY that is unstoppable.  

Prospective clients feel that energy and now WANT to work with you. 

PAID to LAUNCH is not another course to teach you the latest marketing techniques.  

My focus is taking you step-by-step through your ALIGNMENT with your potential clients.  

THIS is foundational to any personal brand or online business.  

Miss this step and you can waste years and tens of thousands of dollars.  My mission is to flatten your learning curve with my three decades of leadership experience leading multi-million dollar organizations.  

When we invite others to invest in themselves, and in our idea, before we build, magic does happen.  

PAID to LAUNCH is the best way I've seen to reduce your risk when launching a new program. 

And on the flip side, it’s also the fastest way to GROW and make massive IMPACT…

Are you ready to get out of your own way and join me? 

Come on inside for PAID to LAUNCH and be the solution others are waiting for you to be. 


Founder, Future 7 Figure CEO 

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