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Our podcast and online communities are a great way to stay connected on your path to becoming a Future 7 Figure CEO.

Begin Again Group (Free)

Need inspiration and encouragement on your personal Begin Again journey?  This free Facebook Group is for you.  Apply by answering three questions and you are IN. 

Home of the 100 Day Challenge, where members take on a goal twice per year and record their daily actions in the group for support and accountability. 

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Begin Again Podcast (Free)

Stories of perseverance in business and life.  Begin Again with Winston Faircloth as he launches his third business in 2020, covering the highs and lows of start-ups.

Most episodes are 10 minutes or less.  Includes longer interviews most weekends with some of the most inspiring Begin Again owners & entrepreneurs. 

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Future 7 Figure CEO Community

Coming soon.  

7 Lessons From Building a 7 Figure Business: Take the Next Step

After running multiple six and seven figure businesses, I have distilled my seven biggest contrasts between my BE-Rich vs. my GET-Rich businesses.

It is my desire to help you learn from both my successes and my mistakes so you can reach your dream of being a Future 7 Figure CEO.   

And I am here to help you along the way with stories from my journey to illustrate these lessons in powerful ways so you can take action today.


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7 Steps to Gamify Positive Change: WIN the GIFT

Do you struggle with making a commitment to change and following through?  Perhaps you believe that change takes a long time, or incredible willpower? I have a surprise for you.  

Ready to reinvent your career, start a new business, or gain more margin in your days?  And do it quickly? Awesome! I’ve got a quick solution for you - grab my “ 7 Steps to Gamifying Positive Change” ebook right HERE!

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