VIP Private 1:1 Mentorship

1:1 sessions personalized to support your dreams

Our 1:1 VIP mentoring membership is tailored to support your career or business change.

Offered as four, six and twelve month programs, 1:1 VIP mentoring memberships provides the highest level of personalized support.  The service includes two pre-scheduled sessions per month plus unlimited VOXER support for the duration of your membership. 

Each mentoring membership includes a special VIP Welcome kit, along with an extended opening session to  gather additional background on your challenges and goals.  Over the course of our work together, we incorporate personal/professional assessments, along with some special surprises just for you.  

As a faith-centered leader, we begin each mentoring call in prayer inviting God into each and every session as our ultimate Mentor and Coach. Through our work together, you are invited to take steps of faith and action over time towards the life and business of your dreams.


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