Weekend Intensives

Accelerated 1:1 results over a single weekend in Tampa

These sessions are called intensives for a reason.

We pack in 2-4 months of process into a single weekend when you need to take action NOW. Intensives are held in an exclusive location here in beautiful Tampa, Florida or remote via pre-scheduled Zoom sessions. 

The program also includes unlimited VOXER support for one week following the conclusion of our session. Each intensive begins with a VIP Welcome kit to gather background on your challenges and goals, making sure our time together is as productive as possible.

Our sessions will focus on up to four key topics

  • Your big WHY: your ultimate vision that will drive your business and life forward
  • Your crucial WHO: know exactly who it is that you serve, support and mentor
  • Your important WHERE: underpin your WHY and WHO with clarity on the desired end state, driving it in with feeling and belief
  • Your critical WHAT: map out a plan to reach your business and life goals, surrendering the outcome to Divine timing and appointments

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